Anthony Goods, Chief Marketing Officer



Basketball has always been Anthony Goods’ first love. His love and dedication to the game earned him the opportunity to play and study at Stanford University. Graduating in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and as a top 5 scorer in the Pac-10 conference, Anthony to his game to the professional ranks which lead to a career in 9 different countries. 

As an international veteran basketball player, Anthony has seen the evolution and necessities of basketball overseas along with the misconceptions of the lifestyle from the basketball community in the United States. These misconceptions
sparked Anthony to think of ways for athletes to share their true experience abroad. Anthony created the Eurostep Podcast in 2017 to give players a comfortable environment to share their experiences. Following that in 2018, Anthony Goods produced, directed, and edited The Derby, his first documentary about the biggest basketball rivalry in France which accrued over 10 thousand YouTube views. His goal became to connect basketball fans on a global scale. Using Instagram, Anthony and an ex teammate created and managed Swish Cultures in September of 2017. With the majority of his playing career accomplished, Anthony Goods has found his succeeding path off the court still very much involving basketball. Always striving to dominate, Anthony Goods aims to make Swish Cultures the home of the most diverse, eccentric content that the basketball community has seen.