Day 2 Orlando Top 100 Camp Sleepers and Standouts


Jordan Richard

Aiden Sherrell 6’9 Wasatch Academy /  Mount Pleasant UT / Class 2024

6’9 Forward Aiden Sherrell is a player to keep an eye on in the 2024 class. Sherell was super active on the glass and played with a nice motor (good energy) on offense and defense. Sherrell, for his size, has a good skill set that will continue to develop. Two occasions stuck out to me, one, when he used a dribble step back on a big for three, and two, when he used a Dirk Nowitzki style turn around knee fade away in the mid-range. Both moves showcased that he can continue to develop and potentially get better offensively. Sherrell has offers from Arizona State, Auburn, Georgia, and more.


Omaha Biliew 6’8 Link Academy / Branson, MO / Class 2023

6’8  Forward Omaha Biliew is one of the best defenders in the camp at his position. He took on the challenge of guarding G.G. Jackson, arguably the best player in the camp, and did an amazing job. Biliew had some great highlights offensively, including a lob pass he threw from half-court, which was very impressive. Biliew also did a good job getting downhill offensively on drives and has decent shooting form, which could translate to him knocking down more shots in the future.


Bryson Tiller 6’8 Pace Academy /  Atlanta, GA / Class 2025

6’8 Forward Bryson Tiller is only a sophomore and he is coming off of a strong showing at team U.S.A. last week. Tiller has no relation to the Grammy award-winning singer Bryson Tiller 🤣, but one thing that stands out about him is his body and size for his age. Usually, when you see a kid with a body like that, it means he’s an early max. I honestly don’t get that vibe with him. I think he still has a lot of potential to expand his game just by how raw he is. Look out for him in the class of 2025. Tiller has offers from Auburn, Georgia Tech, Indiana, and more.


AJ Johnson 6’5 TAFT / Woodland Hills CA / 2023

A.J. Johnson has great size as a combo 1/2 guard. He is 6’5 with a lot of untapped potential. HE COULD GET IN THE PAINT IF HE WANTS TO, but gives his defender a break by using a pull-back dribble. Once Johnson realizes how fast he is at his size and becomes stronger, helping him play through contact, he will be even more of a problem than he already is. He is a future pro that just grew to 6’5 and has a baby face. The baby face tells me he can potentially grow and hasn’t filled into his body yet. This kid has very high potential and I am expecting him to be really good.


Darryn Peterson 6’4 Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy / Cuyahoga Falls / 2025

Darryn Petterson, class of 2025, is incredible. He will be on every write-up I have for NBPA because he is THAT GOOD. I caught myself going to every game to watch and see if his play was consistent. Peterson from what I saw from day 1 is a BAD BOY. Petterson has a variety of scoring tools. A big play, that showed his versatility, was when he drove to the paint and finished with a left-hand hook over a big man. 😱 This kid is just turning 15 years old and is only a sophomore. He can already do so much on both offense and defense. I haven’t seen too many players in 2025, but in my mind, I would bet that he’s one of the best in this class. He’s the real deal.


Gregory Jackson 6’10 Ridge View / Columbia, SC / 2023

GG Jackson has had the best camp performance out of any player. He will be the MVP of the camp which has been clear to me from Day 1. Jackson’s team has won every game in this camp so far. He has been dominant on both sides of the floor and plays with a great motor. He isn’t letting anyone outwork him in any way on the basketball court. The most impressive thing about Jackson in this camp is his play offensively, being able to score off the dribble and in the mid-range effortlessly. 👀 Jackson, when he grabs the rebound at 6’9, is pushing the ball up the court and breaking down defenders off the dribble. You can tell he wants to be the best and is driven to be the best. I respect it. Jackson will be attending the University of North Carolina after high school. 


Bryson Warren 6’2 Overtime Elite / North Little Rock, Arkansas / 2023

6’2 Guard Bryson Warren, in the class of ????, has been one of the best point guards in the top 100 camp in Orlando. Warren is with Overtime Elite, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has shown just how versatile he is offensively, knocking down floaters, getting downhill, and pulling up for threes in transition. Warren can score the basketball. He went nuts in his first game of Day 2 and I like how he can get to the basket as well as find others for assists. His scoring ability makes him very intriguing 👀 and he’s been a consistent bucket-getter in this camp.