Las Vegas Pangos Potential Pros and Prospect Watch June 5-7, 2022


Jordan Richard

Josh Winslow

Lead Guards:


#5 Aden Holloway 6’0 La Lumiere School / Matthews, NC


Holloway is the best traditional point guard at the camp. He showed his scoring skillset in 1s and has a nice mid-range jump shot. He did a great job getting his teammates involved and his catch and shoot looked good. Holloway will announce his transfer to Prolific Prep in Napa Valley within the week. 


#39 A.J. Johnson 6’5 Taft / Fresno, TX


A.J. Johnson looks like he has grown an inch. Johnson plays with great pace and is very good at getting downhill, finishing with either hand. Johnson’s game will take off even more if he becomes a more willing passer and adds strength. He scores like a pro and has a pro handle.


#28 Chris Johnson 6’4 Montverde / Houston, TX


Chris Johnson showed a lot of bounce and quickness in 1s, where he was dunking everything. Johnson was one of the best perimeter defenders at the camp. He can be the best two-way defender in his class with his size and athleticism. Johnson is a pro if he becomes a more consistent jump shooter and more of a combo point guard. 


#22 Mikey Williams 6’2 Vertical Academy / San Diego, CA


Mikey Williams played well at the Pangos camp. He looked like a real point guard getting his teammates involved. There seems to be a conscious effort on his part to be a facilitator. The key for Williams is showing teams he can be efficient and that he plays hard on both sides of the ball. His athleticism is there for him to be an NBA point guard.


Combo Guards:


#61 Andrej Stojakovic 6’5 Jesuit / Sacramento, CA


Andrej Stojakovic has wiggle and a great pace. He struggled the first day but played well the next two days. His catch and shoot were falling and he has a tremendous touch from the mid-range. Getting to the rim is something that he needs to continue to work at. He does have great balance to get his shot off with a pro-like pace. Stojakovic still has crazy potential.




#100 Taylor Bowen 6’9 Brewster Academy / Newport, RI / 2023


Taylor Bowen is great in transition. He put his arm in the rim Vince Carter style during a windmill in transition 🤯. You can see his growth each time you watch him. I have Bowen as a top 5 NBA prospect at the camp. I love his game. I think he fits perfectly in the new NBA with his ability to guard all positions.


#63 Cody Williams 6’7 Perry / Gilbert AZ / 2023


Cody Williams looked good, but I need to see him in more tournaments and games. He did it all — scored, facilitated, and played hard on defense. Williams shot the ball extremely well all camp. I love his size and skillset. His older brother plays at Santa Clara and he is rising in the draft boards all pre-draft.


#98 Sam Walters 6’8 Villages Schools / Orlando, FL


Love Sam Walters’ game. He is a top 3 shooter at the camp. Walters has great size to be an NBA player. He committed to Alabama.


#87 Sean Stewart 6’7 Windemere Prep / Windemere, FL / 2023


Sean Stewart is a high-level athlete. He is committed to Duke, which is a good fit for him. Stewart affects the game without scoring. He is a great defender and great at finishing, whether it’s with dunks or tough lays. Stewart runs the floor hard and is great in transition. He needs to work on his skill set, but he has a great canvas. He was invited to 17U Team USA in June 2022.


#58 Devin Royal 6’6 Pickerington Central / Pickerington, OH / 2023


Devin Royal used his frame to knock defenders and get to his spots. I believe Royal’s buckets and game translates to higher levels of basketball. He is having a good summer and that continued at Pangos. I love his pace and ability to score in half-court.


#88 Brandon Williams 6’7 Christ the King / Queen, NY / 2023


Brandon Williams has game. Another high-level wing, Brandon had a top 5 poster at the camp on Baye Falls. He did a great job of letting his point guards set him up and running the floor. Brandon is a great slasher. His handle and jumper could be better, but he has all the tools to be a high-level basketball player.


#67 Justin Edwards 6’7 Imhotep Charter / Philadelphia, PA / 2023 


Justin Edward’s shot wasn’t falling at this camp but He still looked great in transition and cutting without the ball. Justin has game and I still have faith in him.


#84 Keanu Dawes 6’7 Stratford / Houston, TX / 2023


Keanu Dawes gets better and better every time I see him. Dawes struggled the first day with the camp setting, but he played well the last two days. He played well off the ball, cutting without the ball. Dawes rebounded well and was making shots. He didn’t score a lot of iso buckets,  but he had no problem finding ways to score. The potential is there and now he is finding production to match.


#46 Garwey Dual 6’5 Carmel (IN) / Houston, TX / 2023


Garwey Dual is a bouncy guard, who plays intense defense. Dual is originally from Texas and ended up moving to Indiana. He will make his money with his defense. Dual was invited to USA 17u tryouts later in June.




#108 Xavier Booker 6’11 Cathedral / Indianapolis, IN


Xavier Booker won MVP of the camp. In the 1 on 1 drill, he wasn’t settling for jumpers and that’s when he ended up catching a few bodies ( dunking on people ). The lefty has a nice 3-ball and is good at getting downhill and fouled or finishing. Booker was unranked 6 months ago and now he is in the conversation for the top 5 in the country. His ability to play as a pick and pop 4 and put the ball on the floor could be a premium.


#89 Baye Fall 6’11 Accelerated Schools / Denver, CO


I love Baye Fall’s game. He has a soft touch and a great middy fade. He rebounds well and doesn’t settle with jumpers. Booker and Fall are 1 & 2 in terms of NBA prospects at Pangos.


#106 Assane Diop 6’10 Accelerated Schools / Denver, CO


Assane Diop is a rim-running big that plays his role. He played well. Diop has a soft touch and is a willing defender and rebounder. 


#112 Ugonna Kingsley Onyenso 6’11 Putnam Science Academy / Oakdale, CT 


Ugonna Kingsley Onyenso blocked everything at the rim. He has a great touch. I love his potential on the defensive end. He is one of the better shot blockers at the camp.


#114 Isaiah Miranda 7’0 Southern California Academy / Springfield, MA 


Isaiah Miranda is talented and has so much potential.  I want to see him play hard at all times. That’s key for him to succeed.




Lead Guards:


#10 Elliot Cadeu 6’0 Link Academy / Oradell, NJ


Elliot Cadeu just transferred to Link Academy. I didn’t know Cadeu was this athletic. He caught a body or two ( dunked on defenders) at the camp. Cadeu’s jumper looks good, and he has a decent handle with the ability to finish strong over bigger opponents.


Combo Guards:


#55 Ian Jackson 6’5 Cardinal Hayes / Bronx, NY


Ian Jackson finished well on Day 1, but he didn’t shoot the ball great. On Day 2, however, he shot the ball extremely well. He is super athletic and has a chance to be a lottery pick. He was invited to the 17U Team USA in June 2022. Jackson is one of the most athletic guards in his class.


# 42 Isaiah Elohim 6’4 Sierra Canyon / Chatsworth, CA


Isaiah Elohim has a nice mid-range game. His ability to score in the mid-range and post up as a guard is premium. Elohim showing that he can facilitate is key for him, especially with his size. He has a good catch and shoot, and Elohim was invited to the 17U Team USA in June 2022.


#47 Dylan Harper 6’5 Bosco Prep / Ramsey, NJ


I need to see more of Dylan Harper. Harper plays very hard. He caught a nasty body ( dunked on defender ) from an oop off the backboard. Harper is a big, strong lefty guard. I like him.


#45 Robert Hinton 6’5 Harvard-Westlake / North Hollywood, CA 


Need to see more of Robert Hinton, but he makes a lot of good plays.




#41 Karter Knox 6’5 Tampa Catholic / Tampa, FL / 2024


Karter Knox is a versatile wing and tailor-made to play high-level basketball. He is a capable shot maker and looks comfortable catching and shooting. Knox is athletic and very good in transition. I wish Knox was a little taller for the NBA. He was invited to the 17U Team USA in June 2022.


#76 Amier Ali 6’6 Montverde / Plano, TX


Amier Ali struggled the first day and he put it together the last two days. He stopped settling and was getting to the rim. His jumper started to fall as well. Ali is looking more and more like a pro.


#83 Donovan Freeman 6’7 St. John’s / Washington DC


I need to see more, but a very intriguing prospect. Freeman is very long and closer to 6’8 than 6’6. He only saw half a game but looked good.


#97 Jason Asemota 6’6 Hilcrest / Phoenix, AZ


Jason Asemota’s has potential to be really good as he continues to build his skillset, but he has a great canvas. He has a knack for getting to the rim.




#107 Yves Thierry Ouwe Missi 6’11 West Nottingham Academy / Colora, MD 


Yves Thierry Ouwe Missi has a decent face-up game for his size. Ouwe Missi looks like an NBA big. He’s a strong finisher and a great rebounder. Ouwe Missi is very active and put himself on the radar with how he played at Pangos.


#92 Jayden Williams 6’9 Brookwood / Snellville, GA


Jayden Williams is more of a center than a power forward. He has all the tools to improve. Williams has a soft touch so the jumper could be en route. I love his ability to protect the rim.


#101 James Brown 6’8 St. Rita / Chicago, IL


James Brown has a soft touch and is skilled for his size. Brown has a great face-up game. He always is making the right decision. He can shoot, pass, and dribble. Brown can finish with either hand. His size might be an issue in terms of being an NBA big, but Brown is extremely productive. He was invited to 17U Team USA in June 2022.


#103 Luke Bamgboye 6’10 Our Lady of Mount Camel / Essex, 


Luke Bamgboye played hard in 1s. He made tough middies. I need to see more. 


#105 Aiden Sherrell Wasatch 6’10 Wasatch Academy / Atlanta, GA


I love Aiden Sherrell Wasatch’s jump shot and footwork in the mid-post. He just needs to speed up his foot speed. He is great in the pick-and-roll defense. I like Sherrell.




Lead Guards: none Combo Guards: none Wings: none




#117 Jayden Quaintance 6’9 Dream City Christian / Glendale, AZ


This is my first time seeing Jayden Quaintance, but I like his game. Quaintance has a decent handle and can finish with either hand. He makes the right play and plays hard.






Caleb Holt 6’5 New Market, AL


This is my first time seeing Caleb Holt, but he looked like he belong. This was a great experience for him. I am excited to track his development.