NBA Top 100 2022 Potential Pros Watch


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Combo Guards:
A.J. Johnson 6’5 Taft / Fresno, CA / 2023A.J. Johnson is extremely skilled and has a nice handle for his size. He has the ability to get downhill, when he wants, at his size is premium. Johnson plays with great pace and can get to anywhere on the court. Becoming more of a consistent catch and shoot shooter will be key for him. Johnson’s game will also further elevate once he facilitates more to go along with his ability downhill. There is no doubt in my mind that AJ will be a future pro with his size and ability to get downhill. He also just grew to 6’5 which makes his upside even more intriguingDarryn Peterson 6’4 Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy / Cuyahoga Falls / 2025I went to every game after seeing Darryn Peterson play. I couldn’t believe he was only 15 years old when i watched him.Darryn Peterson got better and better as the week progressed. He is very comfortable at scoring the ball and can really score from all 3 levels. Peterson was efficient all week. He is one of the better players / scorers in a loaded 2025 class. I’ve asked several NBA players in Ohio and they’ve all confirmed that he’s the next future pro out of OHIO.Wings:Taylor Bol Bowen 6’9 Brewster Academy / Newport, RI / 2023Taylor Bol Bowen is my favorite prospect at the camp. Bowen is made for the NBA. He can play the 3 or the 4. He is excellent in transition and is a great rebounder. He is constantly making winning plays. His shooting form looks a little funky but he is an efficient player from mid-range and the 3 pt. line. He is at his best, grabbing defensive rebounds and pushing the break. He is versatile on offense and defense. He can be the ball handler or the roller in a pick-and-roll. He can guard bigs or guards. He is committed to Florida St. The Key for Bowen is being able to knock down open shots and shooting the same shot everytime.He has a chance to be the next Florida St. NBA wing, just like Patrick Williams and Scottie Barnes.Sam Walters 6’8 Villages Schools / Orlando, FL / 2023Sam Walters is a shooting lefty specialist. At his size, equipped with the ability to run off of pin downs and make 3s, he will have a chance to get drafted. While he isn’t the best on ball defender, he is a willing defender. Walters is an Alabama Commit. He is a legit 6’8 which as you can see is a premium with guys like Duncan Robinson, Cole Swider, and others getting paid to shoot the ball at that size.Kwame Evans 6’9 Montverde / Baltimore, MD / 2024Kwame Evans is a lefty, oozing with potential. He has the ability to catch and shoot 3s and he is creative with getting downhill and finishing at the rim with drop dribble moves. We would like to see the production match his upside, but it is early for him in his development. Evans has a great canvas and should continue to develop. He 1000 percent has an NBA body and skillset. The key for him is showing he is the best player on the floor and being ultra aggressive.Omaha Biliew 6’7 Link Academy / West Des Moines, IA / 2023Omaha Biliew is a versatile wing that fits in today’s NBA. In every game I watched, he accepted the challenge of guarding the other teams best player whether it was a big or a guard. He has a nice frame and has great body language. He never seems too up or too down. He is very good at getting downhill and finishing with non-straight line drives. He needs to become a little more consistent with his jump shot,  but I like Biliew as wing in today’s NBA due to his ability to switch on defense.Bigs:G.G. Jackson 6’10 Ridge View / Columbia, SC / 2023This is the best I have seen from Mr. Jackson. He led his team to the championship victory this week at camp. Jackson displayed his face-up game all week. He is good at getting downhill, but made tough mid-range shots and 3s all week. I was impressed with him. He proved that he was the best player at the camp by being the most productive player. He showed his versatility by scoring from the wing and also scoring from the low post. Jackson won camp MVP.Cameron Boozer 6’8 Columbus H.S. / Miami, FL / 2025Cameron Boozer was one of the youngest players at the camp, but he was also one of the most productive players at the camp. Boozer looks physically matured for his age, but the best aspect of his game is that he doesn’t try to bully his defenders. Boozer is extremely skilled and has a nice mid-range game just like his father (Carlos Boozer). In the semifinals game, his team lost but Boozer was doing all he could to keep his team in the game. Boozer deserved to make the all-star game as he was the youngest player to ever do so. Boozer is a better basketball player every time I see him. In terms of the NBA, only time will tell if he can transition to the wing full-time.Aaron Bradshaw 6’11 Camden H.S. / Roselle, NJ / 2023Aaron Bradshaw is the prototypical modern day big. He finishes everything with powerful dunks or soft jump hooks. When he is trailing the break on offense, he has shown the ability to knock down 3s. Bradshaw defends the rim well and can switch onto guards in the pick-and-roll situations. He is more than capable of holding his own. Bradshaw moves like a pro. His skillset is really good for his size. The key for Bradshaw is running the floor and rim running he could get a lot more easier buckets if he did that more.Xavier Booker 6’11 Cathedral / Indianapolis, IN / 2023Booker was unranked in the spring and now he has solidified himself as a top 10 player in this class. He is a lefty that shows the ability to consistently hit mid range jump shots and 3s in pick and pop situations. Booker’s ability to make 3s makes his pro potential extremely attractive. Booker has soft touch and is a willing defender. His skill set and size validates his status as a pro prospect. I would love to see Xavier Booker dominate the glass at his size that is the key for him as he continues to develop. With Bookers size and athleticism he should be a double digit rebounder.Baye Fall 6’10 Accelerated Schools / Denver, CO / 2023Fall is one of my favorite prospects in the class. Sometimes bigs don’t get as many touches in this camp setting, but he does a great job demanding the ball. Fall has a great mid post fade as he is constantly making tough shots in the mid post. Fall has a great motor and is constantly going for loose balls and rebounds. Once fall gets on a strength and conditioning plan, I feel like his game will becoming even more effective. Improving his base and becoming stronger will only elevate his game. Fall plays extremely hard and when you add his skill set, it’s easy to see why have he is one of the better pro prospects in the country.Flory Bidunga 6’9 Kokomo HS / Kokomo, IN / 2024This was my first time seeing Bidunga but he was extremely impressive. One of the better bigs at the camp despite being one of the youngest in age. He plays on the adidas circuit so I’ll see him later in July. He is a lefty that has one of the better motors at the camp. He is 6’9 and long which help him lead the camp in blocks. He is explosive and finished most of his offensive rebounds with dunks. Bidunga plays his role but he also thrives in his role. I look forward to seeing him later this month. Hopefully as he gets more eyes on him we will see what his offensive potential can be.NEED TO SEE MORE LIVE GAMESLead Guards:Bryson Warren 6’2 Overtime Elite / North Little Rock, Arkansas / 2023Warren was the most consistent point guard all week as he lead his team to a championship victory. It was extremely refreshing to see a point guard with scoring ability but prioritize getting his teammates involved. Warren is extremely effective in pick and roll and has a nice mid range floater. Warren is constantly making the right decisions and his ability to score from all 3 levels makes him very hard to guard. The NBA is going away from smaller guards but warren has chance due to his ability to make his teammates better.Rob Dillingham 6’2 Donda Academy Hickory, NC / 2023
Dillingham has his moments where he seems unguardable. He can score from all 3 levels and has a good handle. Dillingham pro potential would take a leap if he became a more consistent facilitator.Jared McCain 6’ 2 Centennial / Corona, CA / 2023McCain is a college coach dream. He picks up full court. He makes the right play and makes his teammates better. McCain isn’t the most explosive player but he plays with pace which he uses to score on all 3 levels. McCain will have a great college career and only time will tell when he will decide to make that leap to the NBA.Layden Blocker 6’2 Maumelle, AR / Sunrise Christian / 2023Blocker is extremely athletic. At 6’, he is finishing above the rim and has an impressive dunk package when he gets out in the fast break. Blocker is also a capable shot maker.Chris Johnson 6’4 Montverde / Houston, TX / 2023Johnson showed his ability to get in the lane and create for others all camp. Johnson applies a lot of rim pressure on offense and he makes good decisions when facilitating. Johnson pro potential will come from him being a facilitating point guard with high level on ball defense.Combo GuardsJa’Kobe Walters 6’4 Link Academy / Mesquite, TX / 2023Walters can really score the ball from all 3 levels. He has a nice catch and shoot jump shot and he does a good job of using his dribble package to either get to the rim or create separation for his mid range pull up . Walters game could take another leap if he became a more consistent facilitator.Dusty Stromer 6’6 Norte Dame / Sherman Oaks, CA / 2023Stromer is a shooting specialist. He has a nice 3 pt shot whether it’s a catch and shoot or off the bounce. Stromer is improving his ability to create his own shot in the mid post. Stromer ability to shoot alone places him on the pro watchlist. Stromer continues to become a more well rounded scorer. He needs to get stronger but he seems to be more efficient every time I see him.Cam Scott 6’5 Lexington, SC / Lexington H.S. / 2024Scott looks like the next good basketball player from South Carolina. I need to see more but he did a good job playing off ball this week while still being aggressive and passing the ball when he needs to. Scott is athletic but doesn’t rely on his athleticism to score. I need to see more but he looks like a high major kidy.Isiah Coleman 6’4 National Christian Academy / Fort Washington, MD / 2023Coleman is built to score. He has a nice 3 ball and does a good job scoring off the dribble. I need to see more of him but he always seems to be putting the ball in the basketball and playing the game the right wayBRONNY JAMES 6’2 Sierra Canyon / Chatsworth / 2023Bronny James plays the game the right way every time I see him play. Even with all the pressure people try to put on his shoulders he stays composed. His skillset is slept on especially with his ability to score and play with either hand. Bronny has been playing a lot of point guard as of late which i feel translates to the next level because of his athleticism. The key for Bronny would be to more aggressive and take over games. He shows glimpses of it and we he does it open up a lot for his teammates.WingsCody Williams 6’7 Perry / Gilbert AZ / 2023Cody is the younger brother of Jalen Willams who was just a lottery pick selection for the OKC thunder. Just like his brother, Cody is versatile. He can can score iso buckets, he is a consistent catch and shoot shooter and this week at camp he showed the ability to make the right reads as the primary ball handler. At his size, he can create some mismatches. Cody is also a willing defender as well. I’m a fan of his game.Bryson Tiller 6’7 Pace Academy / Atlanta, GA / 2025First time seeing Tiller and I was impressed. To be a rising sophomore, Tiller has excellent size. He is good at getting down hill and finishing. I didn’t see him take too many jumpshots but he was a willing defender. In an already loaded 2025 class, Tiller is another pro prospect with a realistic chance at the NBA especially with his body.Scotty Middleton 6’6 Sunrise Christian / Witchita, KS / 2023Middleton is a versatile wing that shows the ability to be a true 3&D player. Middleton guards the other teams best guard and wing; most times then not, he does a good job defensively. He can grab defensive rebounds and push the break and he can also space the floor to the 3pt line. If Middleton can continue to thrive in his role he may meet his pro potential.Justin Edwards 6’6 Imhotep Charter / Philadelphia, PA / 2023This was not Edwards most productive showing but he showed flashes. The lefty has a nice shooting stroke but he most continue to get stronger as he does get bumped of his dribble from time to time. Edwards has a nice canvas and is someone to development that needs to be trackedCohen Carr 6’4 Legacy Early College / Stockbridge, GA / 2023Carr is undersized for a NBA wing but his length and athleticism makes up for it. Carr needs to work on his skill set. Carr makes up for his shortcomings by his high powered motor. He show great effort on the defensive end. Carr has all the physical tools to be a pro, just depends on how much skill he can add. I love his energy. Seems like he is always having the most fun on the court. The camp committee awarded him with the Rodney Rogers Courage Award. He is fun to watch.BigsAiden Sherrell 6’10 Wasatch Academy / Atlanta, GA / 2024Sherrell played along side GG Jackson on their way to a championship victory. Sherrell must improve his footspeed for defense but he has enough size to be a NBA big. The most impressive ability regarding Sherrell game is his mid post footwork. Sherrell truly uses pro style moves in the mid post to get his shot off. He also has the ability to make 3s which really stretches the defense. Sherrell is one of my favorite players in the 2024 class.John Bol 7’ Sunrise Christian / St. Louis, MO / 2024
At 7 foot, Bol has the size and length of a NBA center. Bol is skinny and will have to put on weight but I love him as a modern day big man. He finishes a lot with dunks and as he gets stronger his game will continue to elevate. He is an excellent rim protector.Assane Diop 6’10 Accelerated Schools / Denver, CO / 2023Diop was more aggressive than he was at the Pangos Camp in Vegas. Diop showed his ability to grab defensive rebounds and push the break. I’m very intrigued with Diop’s skillset for his size. He has a nice soft touch and showed his ability to knock down 3s and midrange shots. On the defensive end, he has the footwork to be a versatile defender.Jarin Stevenson 6’9 Seaforth H.S. / Pittsboro, NC / 2024First time seeing Stevenson, but he is a big that played thrived in his role. He rebounds well and runs the floor. In the championship game he caught a nice body on a dunk. I need to see more but at first glance, he has a great canvas and plays the game the right way. Very excited to track his development.NBA TOP 100 ALL STARS (name by camp committee)Flory Bidunga 6’9 Kokomo, IN 2024Omaha Biliew 6’7 West Des Moines, IA 2023Layden Blocker 6’ Maumelle, AR 2023Cameron Boozer 6’8 Miami, FL 2025(youngest player ever to make the all star team)Blue Cain 6’2 Knoxville, TN 2023Silas Demary Jr. 6’3 Charlotte, NC 2023Baye Fall 6’10 Denver, CO 2023Jared McCain Corona, CA 2023Dusty Stromer 6’6 Sherman Oaks, CA 2023Bryce Warren 6’2 Little Rock, Arkansas OTERodney Rogers Courage AwardCohen Carr 6’4 Stockbridge, GA 2023Most Valuable PlayerGG Jackson 6’10 Columbia, SC 2023