Adidas 3SSB Finale


Josh Winslow

Jordan Richard

July 23rd-24th 2022 

After Peach Jam in North Augusta, Georgia. I was able to make it to the Adidas 3SSB Finale in Seal Beach California. This was my first time at a Adidas Grassroots function. But these are the players that stood out to me.  




Baye Falls 6’10/ Accelerated Schools / Denver, CO / Colorado Hawks 17s 

Falls is versatile. I currently think he projects more as a 4 in the NBA. I love Baye’s mid post fade. I think Baye’s game will take off once he gets on a real strength and conditioning program. 


Ja’kobe Walters 6’4 Link Academy / Mesquite, TX / Trae Young  17s / Baylor commit 

Walters can really score from all 3 levels. If Walters can learn how to make his teammates around him better than he has a chance to be one of the better prospects in the country. 


Assane Diop 6’10 Accelerated Schools / Denver, CO / Colorado Hawks 17s 

Diop is a skilled big. He projects as a rim running big. He is skilled for his size. He can dribble and can make mid-range catch and shoots. 




Paul McNeil 6’6 Prolific Prep / Rockingham, NC / Gardner Road 17s 

First time seeing McNeil. He is a pro 2 guard. He is very good. He can score from all 3 levels. He has excellent size to be off guard in the NBA. He is transferring to Prolific Prep this year. Need to see more, but very impressed with his play. 


Flory Bidunga 6’9 Kokomo HS / Kokomo, IN / Indy Elite 16s 

This was my second time seeing Bidunga and I left very impressed. Offensively he did a good job of being active in the dunker and finishing with powerful dunks. He didn’t take many jumpsuits but showed a nice soft jump hook with either hand. Bidunga is an elite defender, constantly altering shots and getting blocks. Can’t wait to see him more; but safe to say he is one of the better defenders in the country regardless of classification.


Dink Pate  6’7 Dallas, TX / Lancaster H.S. / Trae Young 17s 

I really love Pate’s potential as a 6’7 wing. He is improving his scoring and needs to become a more consistent from catch and shoots. But love his canvas as a NBA wing. 


Taylor Bailey 6’3 Mount Tabor / Winston Salem, NC / Team Loaded  17s 

Bailey looks like a traditional point guard and does everything pretty well. He barely played last year at Oak Hill. But he was making shots and more importantly getting his teammates involved. At 6’3 he has the size to be a productive traditional point guard at the next level. He can score it as well which I love.


Annor Boateng 6’5 Little Rock Central / Little Rock, AR / Arkansas Hawks 17s 

Boateng has a strong frame and looks ready for the pros for a physical standpoint. Boateng needs to continue to round out his game and become more skilled. He is making an effort with skill tho using sidesteps and other moves. He is someone we should continue to monitor. 


Jayden “Juke” Harris 6’4 Salisbury, N.C. / Salisbury H.S. / Team Loaded 17s 

Extremely long combo guard, who can score from all 3 levels on or off the ball. He can shoot it and is a willing defender. First time seeing him but excited to track his development. 


Cooper Koch 6’7 Peoria, IL / Peoria Notre Dame / Indy Elite 16s / Iowa Commit 

Needs to work on footspeed. But Koch can shoot it and has excellent size. He can really really shoot it !!!!



Koa Peat 6’7 / Gilbert, AZ / Perry H.S. / Compton Magic 17s 

First time seeing Peat. But I understand the hype.  The kid can play. He is strong for his age and is constantly bumping his defenders to create his own shot. Top 3 in the 2025 class. Really like his skill with his physically. He is playing up as a 15 year old on 17’s and is getting double teamed.


Isiah Harrell 6’5 / Pocatello, ID / Century H.S. / Utah Prospect 16s 

Very matured body for his age. Already filling out. He does a good job getting to his step back. He also has enough wiggle to get to the cup. He looks like a pro and is easily a top 10 kid in 2025.




Caleb Holt 6’5 New Market, AL / Game Elite 16s 

Second time seeing him. Just looks so mature physically for his age. Still needs a lot of skill development but he is out there trying to dunk everything. More of a slasher. He can guard multiple positions. Excited to track his development. 

Let’s start that discussion with the point guards. It is of little debate at this point that Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA. He has dazzled us with half court shots and no look threes, making shooting from long range look as effortless as a free-throw. So you may ask, well, who is going to defend him? The Boston Celtics just so happen to have the current defensive of the year winner in Marcus Smart, an award I may add that hasn’t been given to a guard since Gary Payton in the 1995-96 season. Smart is also one of the stronger guards in the league so he may make Steph work on defense as well, posting him up or running him off screens, anything to get under his skin.

The second battle worth mentioning takes place on the wings, and both wings are involved. Tatum and Brown vs Thompson and Wiggins. On paper this would appear to be an even matchup, all of these wings have size and length, athleticism, skill, so it’s the mental game that may be forced to shine through.

The last position battle that will be particularly intesresting is Horford and Draymond. Draymong is the heart and soul for the Warriors and has a knack for doing whatever is needed to help them win, and although Horford doesn’t have that same exact reputation, with a little thought you could say the same about him. Who will come out victorious? Who will make the winning plays when it matters most? Only time can tell but one thing is for certain, this finals will be one for the records books.