Peach Jam 2022


Josh Winslow


Lead Guards:


Jalen Lowe 6’2 Houston, TX / Houston Hoops 17s / Thurgood Marshall H.S. 

Best I have ever seen him play. In terms of production, he was the top producing point guard this week. He has received an offer from Memphis for his play. He played with excellent pace all week in the pick and roll. He also made tough step backs. Lowe lead his team to the semi finals. 


Simeon Wilcher 6’3 Roselle, NJ / City Rocks 17s / Roselle Catholic / UNC Commit 

Like lowe, Wilcher was one of the more productive players all week. He has a great handle and was able to break down the defense and get to his spot all week. His shot was falling, and it was hard for teams to contain him. Wilcher looked like one of the best guards in the country this week, leading his team to the quarterfinals. 


Jared McCain 6’1 Centennial / Corona, CA / Team Why Not 17s 

McCain continues to be a college coach’s dream. He picks up full court. He makes the right play and makes his teammates better. McCain isn’t the most explosive player but he plays with pace, which he uses to score on all 3 levels. McCain will have a great college career. This week he looked like one of the best guards in the country and had a great summer in AAU and USA.  


Caleb Foster  6’4 Sherman Oaks / Norte Dame Prep / Duke Commit

This was Foster’s best session as well. His 3 ball was falling which allowed him to score in bunches. As always, Foster made his teammates better. He had been trending upwards in terms of production these past few sessions and at peach jam he was putting up numbers. It will be interesting how Duke plays McCain and Foster together. Caleb Foster has alot of tools


Edgerrin “Jizzle” James Jr. 6’1 Olympia H.S / Orlando, FL / Florida Rebels 

The son of Indianapolis Colts running back Edgerrin James. Jizzle is a really good traditional point guard. James is one of the better traditional point guards in the country. He really makes his team go and is deadly from the midrange and can finish with either hand. I love his intensity on the defensive end as well. 


Layden Blocker 6’ 2 Maumelle, AR  / Brad Beal 17s / Sunrise Christian / Arkansas Commit

Excellent in pick and roll and getting downhill. Lead his team to impressive wins all week and to the quarterfinals. Either to the cup or 3 but made a lot of shots this weekend. Very explosive. He is always pushing the break. Very good in transition. Extremely athletic. 


Bronny James 6’2 Calabasas, CA / Sierra Canyon / Strive for Greatness 

This was James best session. He was aggressive all week and it really paid off for him. He was constantly getting downhill and making plays for others. Love that he continues to make an effort to play the 1 that’s key for him. Very Athletic downhill as well 


Combo Guards:


Gavin Griffiths 6’6 West Hartford, CT / Kingswood- Oxford School / Expressions 17s / Rutgers Commit

Griffiths was one of the best shot makers all week. He has a very consistent catch and shoot but he also showed the ability to create his own shot. He has great size to be a shooter and is a somewhat willing defender. He should see early playing time at Rutgers. 


Wesley Yates 6’3 Beaumont, TX / Beaumont United / Liv On 17s

Yates is having a great summer. Yates body weight can fluctuate, but this the best he has looked physically. A lot of people are extremely high on Yates. He  Shoots a lot but he makes a lot. Yates has been one of the more efficient scorers all summer. He uses his body well to create separation and to create fouls. Yates can really score the basketball from all 3 levels. 


Rj Jones 6’3 Denton, TX / JL3 17s / Wasatch Academy

Jones makes very tough shots. Excellent pull up jump shot and uses his body well to bump defenders. High-level scorer. Big 12 conference-type player. Like his game a lot. He was one of the more efficient players from the 3pt line. He had 8 3s in one game. 




Omaha Biliew 6’7 Link Academy / West Des Moines, IA / Mokan 17s 

Biliew is a versatile wing that fits in today’s NBA. In every game I watched, he accepted the challenge of guarding the other team’s best player, rather it was a big or a guard. He has a nice frame and great body language. He never seems too up or too down. He is very good at getting downhill and finishing with straight-line drives. He needs to become a little more consistent with his jump shot, but I like Biliew as wing in today’s NBA due to his ability to switch on defense. 


Kwame Evans 6’9 Montverde / Baltimore, MD / Team Durant 17s

Evans is a lefty oozing with potential. He has the ability to make the catch and shoot 3s and he is creative with getting downhill and finishing at the rim. At Peach Jam his production matched his upside as he lead his team to the quarterfinals. Evans has a great canvas and should continue to develop. 


Scotty Middleton 6’6 Sunrise Christian / Miami, Fl / Brad Beal Elite 17s  

Middleton is a versatile wing that shows the ability to be a true 3&D player. Middleton guards the other teams best guard and wing; most times then not, he does a good job defensively. He can grab defensive rebounds and push the break and he can also space the floor to the 3pt line. If Middleton can continue to thrive in his role he may meet his pro potential. 


Cohen Carr 6’5 Legacy Early College / Greenville, SC / Georgia Stars 17s 

I like Carr alot. Not the most skilled at all but has a great feel and is extremely athletic. I think carr can add a catch and shoot to his game and become an intriguing prospect. Carr will have a highlight dunk every game. 




JoJo Tugler 6’8 Cy Falls / Houston, TX / Houston Hoops 17s 

A little undersized for the center position, but Tugler has an elite motor. He is a rebounding machine and has long arms that make up for the height. Great Rim protector. Reminds me a lot of Robert Williams at this age but has a little more face-up and offense than Robert Williams. He is cut from that Montrez Harrell clothe. I really enjoyed watching him play. He helped the Hoops make the semifinals 




Lead Guards: 


Elliot Cadeu 6’0 Oradell, NJ / Bergen Catholic / NH Lighting 17s 

A traditional point playing up. Elliot has excellent pace. And good size so he doesn’t get bumped off his dribble. Not much of a scorer but does a great job of controlling the game with pace. 


Combo Guards:


Tre Johnson 6’6 Lake Highlands / Dallas, TX  / Team Griffin 17s 

The best pro prospect in Texas. A 6’6 combo guard built to score from all 3 levels. Currently top 3 in the 2024 class. Johnson is a pure scorer with great touch and pace. With his long arms he can score anywhere on the floor 


Cam Scott 6’4 Lexington, SC / Lexington H.S. / Team United

Need to see more of Scott, but he looks like a NBA guard. He will go up over the top and get the ball to finish. Above-average athlete. He is really good but need to watch more. A good player and one to continue to track. 




Isaiah Evans 6’6 Huntersville, NC / North Mecklenburg H.S. / The Skills Factory 16s

Evans has an extremely skinny frame, but his game reminds me a lot of Brandon Ingram. Also, looks like he might grow with his long arms and broad shoulders. He is very comfortable working in the mid-post. He is also a capable shooter. I love the passion he displays while paying. One of my favorite players in the 2024 class. 


Karter Knox 6’5 Tampa Bay, Fl / Tampa Catholic / Florida Rebels 16s & 17s 

A dawg. He plays defense and wants to get out in the open court and run. He is very athletic. Honestly, Knox just plays with high energy and had a great motor all week. Knox knock down open shots all week. He has a great canvas in terms of height, length, and athleticism. Knox continues to tune his offensive game he will be in the league with his brother, Kevin Knox


Amier Ali 6’6 Dallas, TX / Montverde Academy / Houston Hoops 17s

Ali was somewhat inconsistent at Peach Jam, but he played well enough in big games to help his Houston Hoops squad reach the semifinals. Ali can sometimes settle for 3s, but when he is on, he is one of the better players in the class. 


Drake Powell 6’5 Pittsboro, NC /  Northwood H.S. / CP3 16s 

My first time seeing Powell was in Kansas City. I saw a few more of his games at Peach Jam, and he can play. At 6’5, he is long and athletic, and a lot of his game is catch and shoot or straight line drives, but the potential is there. I like his game. He is an active defender as well. 




John Bol 7’1 St. Louis, MO / Christian Brothers College / MoKan 17s 

Everything you want in a 2022 rim runner. Bol attacks the glass hard from rebounds and is always running up the floor. Look like an NBA big. Doesn’t take crazy shots does a great job thriving in his role. Also was playing up and won peach jam. He is an elite rim protector. 


Yves Missi  6’11 West Nottingham Academy / Colora, MD / PSA Cardinals 17s 

Decent faceup game. Looks like a NBA big. Strong finisher and great rebounder. Might reclassify to 2023. Decent touch from the free throw line. Very active offensively and defensively. 


Robert Miller 6’9 Pasadena Memorial / Houston, TX / Liv-On 16s 

Miller is a work in progress, but he just turned 16 a few weeks ago. He has great size and skill. 




Lead Guards:


Aaron Rowe 6’1 Columbia, MO / Link Academy / MoKan 16s 

Top 5 traditional point guard in the grassroots scene regardless of classification. Rowe will be transferring to Link this year. I love his game. He got some bounce and a consistent catch and shoot, but he is constantly making winning plays. Love his game in a loaded 2025 class he is the best point guard. 


Combo Guards:


Shelton Henderson 6’5 / Bellarie H.S. / Houston, TX / JL3 15s

Henderson is my favorite pro prospect in the Houston Area. At 6’5, Henderson can play point guard or off guard. He plays with great pace and is a big strong guard. His father is 6’7 and mother is 6’2. He has a chance to continue to grow. Love his game. 


Jamier Jones  6’4 Sarasota, FL / Riverview HS / Florida Rebels 15s 

A big strong athletic guard. Doesn’t shoot it well but plenty of time to develop. Excellent slasher. Very athletic. Currently a top 15 kid in this class but needs to improve skillset to keep ranking. Extremely productive lead his team to the semifinals 


Maleek Thomas 6’3 Pittsburg, PA / Lincoln Park H.S. / NH Lighting 15s

Thomas is a combo guard built to score. Once Thomas learns how to consistently facilitate and make his teammates better, he will become a more intriguing pro prospect. I love Thomas’ scoring ability, especially from the second level. He can score with pull-ups or floaters. 


Trey McKinney 6’4 Orchard Lake, Mi / Saint Mary’s Preparatory School / Meanstreets 15s

First time seeing McKinney, he is combo guard trying to score. He has a solid frame and uses that to bump defenders to get his shot off in the mid-Post. He could facilitate more, but McKinney is trying to score, and he can from all 3 levels. He shoots a lot but he also makes a lot. 


Brandon Stores Jr 6’4 Queens, NY / St. Raymond H.S. / NY Rens 15s 

First time seeing Stores since last summer. He is a strong guard. He is comfortable taking smaller guards to the post. Love how he uses his size to bump defenders to create fouls and scoring opportunities 


BJ Davis-Ray 6’4 Lake Highlands H.S. / Dallas, TX/ Team Griffin 16s 

Big lanky combo guard with great handle and a knack to getting downhill. Second time seeing him play. But I like him a lot excited to track his development. 


Bryce Jackson 2025 6’3 / Shadow Creek / Houston, TX / Houston Hoops 16s 

Jackson is another kid that has a chance to be a pro from the Houston area. Jackson played up all summer on the Houston Hoops 16s. He is one of the athletic players on this 2025 list and is a capable catch and shoot guy from the 3 point line.




Cooper Flagg 6’7 Newport, Maine / Monteverde Academy / Maine United

Flagg is the complete package. 3 level scorer. Plays with a great pace. He is my number 1 player in this class. Gordon Hayward is my comp for him. Cooper Flagg is very good. He can catch and shoot, he can finish, and he can score in the mid post. Active defender. Great pace. Excellent rebounder. Plays extremely hard. 


Caleb Wilson 6’7 Atlanta, GA / Holy Innocents / Alabama Fusion 15s

In a loaded class, Wilson is one of the top wings in the class. He still has a baby face and is skinny and looks like he can still grow. Wilson looks built for the NBA as a versatile wing. At 6’7 he isn’t the best at creating is own shot, and most of his buckets comes from straight line drives, but he has an excellent canvas and could be a lottery pick within the next 24-30 months. 


Sebastian Williams-Adams  6’6/ St John’s School / Houston, TX / JL3 15s 

He is a 6’6 wing that is extremely versatile. I like him best off-ball attacking a rotating defense. He is a capable shooter, but he is everything the NBA is looking for in terms of wings. He can dribble, shoot, pass, & play defense. 


Dante Allen 6’5 Miami, FL / Rivera H.S. / Nightrydas 15s 

Allen is a 3&D guy. He is long and likes to play defense. He can also finish above the rim and he can shoot it. I like Allen a lot. Reminds me a lot of Desmond Bane, his shooting is not like bane just yet, but that’s the mode I see. He was out in transition all week dunking the basketball. 




Cameron Boozer 6’8 Columbus H.S. / Miami, FL / Nightrydas 15s 

Cameron Boozer is constantly making winning plays. He needs to improve foot speed, but I’m being overly critical. It’s a close race between Cameron and Cooper Flagg for that number 1 spot in 2025. Boozer was the most productive player at the 15u level leading his team to a peach jam title 


Tee Barlett 6’11 / Coronado (Las Vegas, Nevada) / Why Not 15s 

He is going through a growth spurt and is around 6’11. Barlett must continue to get his body right and work on his foot speed. But he is skilled for his size. Plays more like Jokic than your standard modern-day rim runners. 


Nigel Walls 6’9 / St Francis / Houston, TX / JL3 15s

Walls has a nice shooting stroke at 6’9. He looks like a kid that one day will thrive in pick and pops situations. He needs to get his legs stronger, but he is young and will have plenty of time to add strength and conditioning. Walls has high end pro level potential with his size at 6’9

Let’s start that discussion with the point guards. It is of little debate at this point that Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA. He has dazzled us with half court shots and no look threes, making shooting from long range look as effortless as a free-throw. So you may ask, well, who is going to defend him? The Boston Celtics just so happen to have the current defensive of the year winner in Marcus Smart, an award I may add that hasn’t been given to a guard since Gary Payton in the 1995-96 season. Smart is also one of the stronger guards in the league so he may make Steph work on defense as well, posting him up or running him off screens, anything to get under his skin.

The second battle worth mentioning takes place on the wings, and both wings are involved. Tatum and Brown vs Thompson and Wiggins. On paper this would appear to be an even matchup, all of these wings have size and length, athleticism, skill, so it’s the mental game that may be forced to shine through.

The last position battle that will be particularly intesresting is Horford and Draymond. Draymong is the heart and soul for the Warriors and has a knack for doing whatever is needed to help them win, and although Horford doesn’t have that same exact reputation, with a little thought you could say the same about him. Who will come out victorious? Who will make the winning plays when it matters most? Only time can tell but one thing is for certain, this finals will be one for the records books.